Our founding resolutions have been to offer superior educational services for the training and advancement of professional craftsmen, a commitment to protecting  the health of the nation, and a dedication to safeguarding the permanence of our natural resources.

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As one of only five accredited certifying agencies recognized by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, our training of Cross-Connection Control inspectors, repairers, and administrators takes precedence over other community outreach programs that we offer.

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Civic Engagement

The Alliance is available for community events like, government and corporate training programs, civic events such as ecological awareness discussions of our environment for students and other youth groups like 4-H, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and church groups.

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Since 1993

What We Do

The New Jersey Alliance of Master Plumbers is a professional trade-based 501 - (c) 6. non-profit organization that was created to offer the plumbing and mechanical trade specialized training and educational programs. We have been involved with all aspects of construction industry education. From apprenticeship training, to continuing education classes for master plumbers and Licensed Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Contractors, we have been at the forefront of industry needs. As technology progresses, and as these historical crafts become more challenging intellectually instead of physically, the public is becoming more and more dependent on skilled craftsmen.

A vocation that was abandoned in the 1980's for high-tech careers by post high school visionaries, left the industry understaffed and undervalued as a career choice. However, as with most things that seem too good to be true, the once sought after tech-craze career became a distant memory, as cheap labor prices disseminated the work offshore to places like Bombay, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Taipei. Fortunately, the proverbial maxim "if you've got a trade, you've got it made" is reinforced again! There has been a marked increase in the registrations for trade-based programs in both the public and prvate sector educational training facilities. President Trump made this clear in his January 24, 2017 meeting at the White House with union leaders of the building trades.

As the need for more and more qualified individuals increases, we will continue to educate apprentices, master plumbers, HVACR contractors, and code officials. We will continue to empower the men and women who humbly provide consumers with the basic necessities for a healthy, beneficial existence; clean, safe drinking water, sewage disposal, heating and cooling your family's indoor and outdoor environment and energizing your gas cooking appliances. All so you can relax with your inexpensive, foriegn made computer, without giving much thought to one of the most important, yet undervalued persons' in your life. There is a reason we have been around since 2350 B.C.

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We encourage you to contact The Alliance with any questions you may have regarding our founding principles and our commitment to our diverse community. To find a Certified Backflow Prevention Assembly Inspector, press the Call to Action button to the right.